The Trump Presidency Implications for Asia Pac IP

Posted on November 17, 2016 at 12:11 AM

With the likelikhood of the TPP moving forward, there is a question as to what will happen with IP now?

An article at posted on this topic just yesterday, citing:

A possible trade deal between Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and countries including Australia and New Zealand having free trade agreements with ASEAN - might move forward, possibly at faster pace with less to work on. The United States is not a party to this Asia focused trade agreement and its political stance is unlikely to affect it.

It has been estimated by the Tax Foundation that the Trump corporate tax plan would add 4.5 percent to the US gross domestic product (GDP) over the next 10 years, although it would also add more than 2 trillion US dollars to the national deficit.

And chimed in with:

Meanwhile, Trump promises to label China a “currency manipulator” and charges he will do so immediately upon taking office. What will result, political pundits say, is limitations on Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States and/or tariffs and trade barriers against China.

It's unknown what long term implications this will have ton the Asia Pac region and it's IP, but it's obvious that more moves in the industry and regulations are likely to play out over the coming months and year. Media critics even say China will become the world’s preeminent power as a product of the Trump presidency. The United States will fall to second place. It's bound to be worth watching.

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