Election Special - The Rest of the World Seems to Be a Blue State

Posted on October 31, 2008 at 7:10 PM

Without getting too political (or choosing sides), we have some interesting results from an email survey recently conducted by our Beijing representative, Rob Metcalf. Rob asked his candidates, many of whom are not currently in the U.S. and/or are not U.S. citizens who they would vote for if they could.  The results were... a bit lopsided.

94% of the 125 people who responded to Rob's survey preferred Barack Obama to John McCain.  Of those 125 responders, 57 were not U.S. citizens, and only 2 of those 57 preferred Mccain to Obama.  As Rob pointed out in his follow up email to those participating in the survey, the results are surprisingly similar to The Economist’s online presidential poll that currently puts Obama at nearly 98% to McCain’s 2%.

So even if the U.S. has not made up its mind yet, the rest of the world seems to have some fairly strong feelings regarding the outcome of this election.

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